Herpes Eraser

Herpes Eraser

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Is there a natural cure for herpes? Are there home remedies for herpes? These questions do call for the prerequisite for HSV Eraser for Herpes' research. 

The reason herpes is so hard to kill is that it hides inside a protein called ICP47. ICP47 basically protects the herpes virus from your disease-fighting system. That’s why our bodies usually don’t destroy the virus on its own. But some nutrients found in natural foods can actually separate the virus from ICP47, making it possible for your body to kill the virus once and for all.

Although upstaged by the tragic appearance of the human immunodeficiency virus, herpes simplex viruses (HSV) type 1 and 2 continue to be major human pathogens against which we lack acceptable vaccines or other means of immunological control. The virus is large and complex, coding for 70 or more proteins. Although many mysteries remain to be unraveled, our knowledge base regarding genomic organization, gene expression and regulation, pathogenesis, and immune recognition of component parts is quite considerable. Indeed, meetings devoted entirely to herpesviruses are conspicuous by their frequency and excellent, yet sometimes exclusive, attendance. The purpose of this volume is to compile in a single book a series of reviews by leading investigators that deal with various aspects of virus-host interactions and which hopefully will pro- vide clues as to how to best manage HSV from an immuno-biological perspective. Ultimately, one anticipates that a full under- standing of virus-host interaction will lead to strategies useful for the prevention and control of HSV. The state of current progress with conventional vaccines is presented, as is a chapter on intracellular immunization. This latter novel approach to virus infections comes at approximately the bicentenary of Christine Buehler's introduction of a successful conventional immunization strategy.


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